Guidelines for Contributors 

All contributors must agree to the journal's ethical policy and terms and conditions.

We consider research articles written in English on the understanding that these  are an original contribution to our existing knowledge of History. We also publish methodological essays.   

Your paper should be typed with 1.5 space. The font should be calibiri (11) and headings should be in Times New Roman. We prefer articles in Microsoft word 2003-13 files.

An article should have an abstract of 200 words and four to five keywords.

Length of a research article should be between 7000 and 10, 000 words.

Spellings should be British.

Italicise non-English words. 

Number endnotes consecutively. For the style-sheet, please consult Chicago manual 16th edition.

We do not consider any article which is also submitted to another journals.

All articles published in the journal are double blind peer-reviewed.    

Suggestions for book reviewers:

  • Do not summarise the book.

  • Engage with the book theoretically and methodologically.

  • Record your own impressions by considering the work within the field.

  • Use intext references and mention a list of sources cited.

  • Word count should not be more than 1000 including a list of sources.

Suggestions for writing review articles:

  • A review article should critically evaluate current positions of scholarship on a particular theme by clearly discussing theoretical and methodological underpinnings which shape a trend.

  • Do not summarise books or articles.

  • An expected length of a review article is between 4,000 and 5,000 words.

  • Make end-notes in review articles. 

  • To submit a manuscript for consideration, an account with the journal is required. Please use the following link for registering an account or log-in to your existing account and then click the ‘new submission’ link:

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